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Why hire a consultant?

Engaging a consultant can bring a number of benefits whether a hospitality business is pursuing revenue growth opportunities, looking for ways in which to tighten up processes or to enhance their guest experience. As an additional member of the team, their input can be invaluable as they ask the right questions to get under the skin of a business, share their knowledge and experience, and bring new ideas to the table.

Fresh pair of eyes

A consultant is able to provide an objective view of what is happening within a business. With a fresh pair of eyes, they can see things with a clarity and perspective it is hard to achieve when dealing with the day-to-day operations. Looking from the outside in enables them to see a business from a customers’-eye view providing an insight that can uncover both quick wins and longer-term strategies.


Consultants often have a diverse depth of previous experience to draw upon. This background enables them to deliver creative solutions based on best practices, techniques and ideas born out of a varied knowledge-base.

Temporary Expertise

As an extra member of a team, a consultant provides temporary expertise able to focus on delivering on a project or creating the strategies needed for a business to truly reach its potential. They can often have expertise that sets them apart from the existing employees, enabling them to highlight unique opportunities and solutions that may have been missed.


A consultant can be hired for a fixed term as required, without needing to recruit a permanent employee with the ongoing associated human resources implications of salary, pension and other benefits. The time worked is also scalable, dependent upon the individual needs of the business.


A consultant is able to dedicate the time to focus on specific opportunities or challenges. With no ‘day job’ within a business their time is solely spent on delivery of the agreed project or plan. Their focus allows the internal team to handle on-going operations without the distraction and pressure of undertaking additional tasks and activities.

Why The Hospitality Expert?

Are you looking for help with new ideas? Need a fresh pair of eyes? Got ideas but don’t have the resource to implement them?

With 30 years’ experience in client relationship management, marketing and operational roles for a number of different sectors including hospitality, travel and finance, I am passionate about business. Throughout my working life I have used this passion to help for my clients. From independent restaurants to large hospitality groups, I have made it my mission to drive growth by gaining a deep understanding of their business operation and use this knowledge to create a programme of results-based strategies and activities. I combine the creativity and insight needed to identify new, profitable opportunities with the strong organisational skills necessary to turn a great idea into a revenue generating reality

I can tailor-make my services to meet your business needs, so let’s talk!


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